production of plastic components for industrial cleaning

Among the various fields where our technopolymer components are applied, there is also the cleaning machines sector. Our transmission parts guarantee lightness, noiselessness and minor maintenance operations. The mechanical solutions are used in both small and large machinery, such as those for carpet cleaning and street cleaning (with man on board). We have also studied various brush-motor transmission and reduction systems.

The technopolymer gears we offer meet both a highly standardized demand for components and specific requests. Our internal technical design center is, in fact, able to design parts that meet the customer needs. It is also possible to choose the most suitable material depending on the type of industrial application of the component.

The implementation of our gears, in addition to the benefits regarding productivity reduces significantly all the costs of managing the machinery maintenance; technopolymer is an extremely durable material that requires less frequent maintenance compared to the traditional ones.

production of plastic components for industrial cleaning