All products are made at our facility in Lonato del Garda. Precision and lead time are guaranteed by our numerous machines used for printing thermoplastic materials, including 17 presses, three of which are automated with the use of robots.

Every year our facility in Lonato del Garda boasts the production and molding of more than 10 million gears with a basis weight ranging from 0,1g to 1,5kg, such as:

    POM (Delrin / Hostaform) micro-gears

    Pulleys for glass fiber-reinforced Polyamide toothed belts

    Casing for worm screw reducers made of stabilized and UV resistant materials

    Self-lubricating POM + PTFE sliding bushes

    Chain-stretcher pinions with co-molded bearing

    Pinions for agricultural/industrial shock-resistant Polyurethane chains

    High temperature ultra-resistant PPA toothed joints

    Bevel gears suitable for food contact (FDA approved)

    P4.6 (Stanyl) + carbon fibers and self-lubricating silicones helical gears

We are specialized in the thermoplastic materials molding with inserts (co-molding), bearings, shafts, and other mechanical components, thus meeting even the most complex needs of our customers.

Our production area is the core of the company: each press is connected to the network through an MES system that allows us to monitor and manage the progress of the technopolymer gears production.

The molding department is placed side by side with the milling, turning and laser marking departments for those items that for various reasons need to be processed.

CNC processing can also be carried out for small quantities, of any type and of excellent quality, such as holes, threaded holes, grooved seats, keyways seats, bearing seats and seeger. There is also the possibility of providing an assembly service to our clients, for example for stand-alone or multi-stage gearboxes, supplying a finished or pre-assembled product.

The stock of the standard finished product is carried out in centralized automatic warehouses which allow us to store large quantities in small spaces.


for catalog items

Regarding our catalog items, we provide full support for any subsequent processing, such as holes or keys, or for suggestions and advice on possible applications and any specific needs. We are also able to supply our products with customized laser markings, logos, codes or QR-codes.


We use our transmission parts and a very wide range of technopolymers and hyper-polymers. Based on the individual applications we are able to design and manufacture PEEK, PPA, PA46, PA12, PAEK parts and many other materials.

We operate in various sectors such as the molding and agricultural industry, up to the packaging and food industry.

production of technopolymer gears
production of technopolymer gears
how technopolymer gears are made

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