technopolymer gears for residential automation

The technopolymer components for machinery equipment can also be used in the residential automation sector. The parts produced for this sector are characterized by lightness and noiselessness. All details related to the technopolymer, a material that is suitable for multiple uses.

Our technopolymer gears meet both the standardized demand and specific requests. Our technical office, thanks to many years of experience, is able to design specific items according to customer needs, offering support in selecting the most suitable material for the type of application.

The production line dedicated to the residential automation sector consists of gears and transmissions that are used in handling gates, doors and curtains. Also in this case the noiselessness of the technopolymer makes the difference, a characteristic much appreciated by those who have already had the chance to try it. In this sector we produce toothed pulleys, belt tensioners, planetary gears for worm screws, helical gears and racks of all kinds.

Designer and leader in the production of technopolymer molded rack for the handling sliding gates, we have also entered the sector of internal transmissions for gate motors.

Stagnoli products, thanks to their remarkable resistance to atmospheric agents, have become a reference point also in the field of solar protection automation, since our transmissions do not deteriorate, do not require lubrication and are significantly lighter. Therefore they perfectly match the needs of the sector.

Plastic gears and components for residential automation