For our customers working in the glass and wood sector, we provide effective solutions that consists in the use of technopolymer gears, designed for cutting machines, glass and wood processing, flanging and polishing machines. Those who choose us do so because our components guarantee high performance free, at the same time, of the typical problems present in case of traditional materials. In fact, our technopolymer gears,, are not subjected to rust and lubricant residues: these characteristics offer high reliability during production and use..

The possibility to choose the most suitable materials for the specific application, the reduced friction coefficient, the diminished noise and all the other particular characteristics of our products, make the technopolymer transmission parts the perfect material for companies that produce machinery for the glass and wood processing.. The advantage of relying on our company is double: we provide a wide catalog of standard solutions but we also design and mold the product according to customer’s design

All this thanks tothe experience acquired in the field in more than 30 years of research and work.. Our activity, based on continuous innovation, has allowed us to obtain important international results in fields such as: railway, industrial robotics and glass-wood processing.

The companies that have adopted our products for their machinery have many advantages both in economic and productive terms.

ingranaggi in tecnopolimero per macchine taglio vetro e legno