We offer glass and wood sector customers effective technopolymer gear solutions for cutting, glass and wood processing, edge banding, grinding, chamfering and polishing machinery. Our customers choose our high performance technopolymer wood and glass cutting machinery gears because they are free of the typical problems of traditional materials, such as rust and lubricant residues, and thus guarantee unbeatable reliability in production and use, and lightness, since they weigh approximately 7 times less than their steel counterparts, and thus reduce the inertia of the entire machinery.

The ability to select the most suitable materials for any specific application and the reduced friction, attenuated noise and all the other qualities of our gears make our technopolymer transmission parts the ideal solution for companies wood and glass processing machinery manufacturers. While we have an extensive catalogue of standard solutions, we also design and mould products tailor-made to customer specifications.

All this is possible thanks to over 30 years’ of research, sector experience and continuous innovation that have allowed us to achieve outstanding international results.

The companies using our gears in their glass and wood processing machinery benefit from numerous economic and productive advantages. Two of the many advantageous applications are a compact glass chamfering machine and automatic single-sided wood edge-banding machine, both using our bevel gear pairs to successfully reduce the size and inertia of the entire machinery.

production of technopolymer gears for glass and woodworking