packaging plastic components Stagnoli

With the increasing automation of industrial processes, the packaging sector has seen numerous advancements and a sharp increase in the demand for quality components, such as our transmissions and gears made from modern, high-performance technopolymers rather than metal, which bring enormous technical advantages for the customer in terms of manufacturing and operational use.

We offer a wide range of high quality, easy-to-use technopolymer transmission parts and gears for manufacturers of all kinds of packaging machines, such as pallet wrapping machines, filling machines, die-cutters, bottlers, and so on.

Many of our customers have directly replaced traditional steel with technopolymer gears. Just two examples of applications are a semi-automatic wrapping machine with a rotating arm for stabilizing of unstable and rotating loads and a die cutter for automatic tile packaging and palletizing. The use of our plastic gears has made it possible to decrease weight and noise production and to eliminate the need for lubrication, thus increasing the useful life of the machinery while reducing maintenance needs.

In numerous cases, the adoption of our products, such as our double-toothed gears, has led to significant reductions in production costs, particularly due to the manufacturing of the component by injection moulding and the elimination of the need for subsequent assembly.

In other cases, packaging sector customers have used technopolymer pulleys, toothed belts and belt tensioners to significantly lighten machinery and eliminate annoying squeaking sounds.