The packaging sector benefited from automation processes, increasingly equipping robotic packaging devices. The increasing automation of industrial production processes has led to a high increase regarding the demand for components. Our transmission parts for machinery used in the packaging sector are no longer made of metal, but using more modern and high performance materials such as technopolymer. The alternative use of this material for our gears offers the customer huge technical advantages both in terms of production and use.

Our production of technopolymer transmission parts allows us to offer a wide range of high quality and easy to use items. The gears are mainly used by the producers of packaging machines of any type: from pallet winding machines, to packaging machines and bottling machines.

Many of our customers have directly replaced the classic steel gears with our technopolymer parts, thus reducing noise and eliminating lubrication. In many cases, choosing our products, such as double-toothed gears, has led to a significant lowering of production costs mainly thanks to injection molding.. The advantages of using this type of components also offers benefits in terms of weight and noise levels, positively influencing the useful life of the machines.

Other customers in packaging sector, especially in the packaging lines, have used technopolymer pulleys for toothed belts, considerably lightening the machine and eliminating the annoying squeaking.