technopolymer gears molding

The high precision involved in the execution of our products and the many advantages of implementing the technopolymer have allowed us to enter the sector of linear actuator gearboxes and electric motors. Always more frequently, we support the manufacturers of this market in the design and execution of product lines with technopolymer gears.

These are some examples:

  • worm screw gearboxes; 
  • helical gearboxes;
  • planetary gearboxes;
  • “cycloid” gearboxes.

Thanks to the absence of lubrication and the freedom of design allowed by injection molding, we have managed not only to replace brass and steel gears, but to study gearboxes with geometries that are almost impossible to obtain with traditional materials. In many cases the toothing with special profiles has been optimized and ad hoc adjusted to better balance the resistance of the transmission in the specific application where it must be inserted.

Other aspects such as heat dissipation or spacing accuracy have also been studied. Many of these products are used in a variety of applications such as automotive (windshield wipers, seat handling), medical (dentist seats, automatic X-ray machines) and Oil & Gas (reducers for the oil industry, or automatic gas valve adjustments).

Replacing the materials of the machinery with our technopolymer components is a simple and fast operation. Furthermore we are able to produce custom gears based on the customer’s needs starting from the technical design elaborated by our internal study. Stagnoli srl designs ad hoc, reliable and precise solutions for the components of machines used in the field of linear actuator gearboxes and electric motors.