production of plastic components for the railway sector

Our technopolymer components have a wide range of railway sector applications, with our gears guaranteeing lightness, silent operation and reduced maintenance needs, and our small and large-scale machinery solutions specifically optimized for rail transport needs.

Over the last 10 years, our company has consolidated its railway sector experience, finding confirmation in major markets such as the United States and Canada, especially due to its product strengths of self-lubrication and silent operation.

Stagnoli products are used, in particular, in train and underground door opening gearboxes. To offer efficient, high performance products, we have selected quality materials that, in addition having all the intrinsic advantages of technopolymers, comply with the stringent railway fire protection requirements of standard EN 45545. In addition, since our railway sector technopolymer gears are totally free of rust and lubricant residue issues, they offer unbeatable reliability.

Companies that have adopted our products benefit from numerous economic and productive advantages. Furthermore, we are able to tailor-make gears, developed from technical drawings by our internal design studio, to specific railway customer needs, and in full compliance with standard EN 45545.

If you are searching for a reliable partner for railway sector machinery parts, racks, pinions and gears, you will find that our company offers just the right support to meet your specific needs.