ingranaggi in tecnopolimero per settore ferroviario

The railway sector is one of the areas in which our technopolymer components are widely used. The gears guarantee lightness, noiselessness and minor maintenance operations. Our mechanical solutions are used in both small and large machinery and meet the needs of rail transport.

In the last 10 years our company has consolidated its experience in the sector, finding confirmation in important markets such as the United States and Canada. Also in the railway sector the strong point is focused on self-lubrication and noiselessness.

In particular, Stagnoli products are used in the production of reducers for opening the train and underground doors. In order to offer efficient and functional products, we have selected a series of materials that meet the thermal changes and other wearing agents to which components can be exposed, ensuring compliance with the stringent regulations of the railway industry and unique noiselessness in metal transmissions. Our technopolymer gears, are totally free of any problem regarding rust and lubricant residues. These characteristics give our articles a high level of reliability.

The companies that have adopted our products for their machinery have many advantages both in economic and productive terms. Replacing components with technopolymer transmission parts is an extremely simple operation. We are also able to produce custom gears on the customer’s needs, starting from the technical design elaborated by our internal study. If you are looking for a reliable partner to make components for machines or mechanisms used in the railway sector, our company is able to offer the right support according to specific needs.