For over five years, we have designed and manufactured POM helical and toothed gears for applications in the rapidly growing e-bike segment, including transmissions optimized through advanced gear-design research to meet the demands of extreme silence and lack of lubrication.

These products have proven to be much more durable than mechanically processed parts, and boast specific advantages for the e-bike sector, such as extreme precision in terms of concentricity and tooth profile, co-moulding with rectified inserts, and resistance to electric motor jolting and general wear. These features make technopolymer transmission parts ideal for the electric bike sector, while guaranteeing lightness, silent operation and reduced maintenance requirements.

We also tailor-make e-bike transmission gears, developed from technical drawings by our internal design studio, to customer specifications. If you are searching for a reliable partner for e-bike parts, our company’s technical department is at your full disposal to help you find the very best solution to your needs.

detail of a black technopolymer gear