ingranaggi per bici elettriche in tecnopolimero

Our pom helical gears are used in a deeply growing sector, the one dedicated to e-Bike. For 5 years we have been designing and producing toothed wheels (mainly helical) for the electric bicycle market The gears are optimized thanks to advanced gear-design studies and meet the need of extreme noiselessness and do not require lubrication.

These products have also proved to be much more durable than the prototypes made by mechanical processing. Further advantages of our gears for the e-Bike sector are the extreme precision (concentricity, tooth profile), co-molding with adjusted inserts and resistance to electric motor starting, as well as wear. The technopolymer transmission parts are the perfect solution for the electric bicycle sector because they guarantee lightness, noiselessness and minor maintenance operations. Replacing the materials supplied on the e-Bike with technopolymer components is a simple and fast operation.

We are also able to produce custom gears based on the customer’s needs starting from the technical design elaborated by our internal study. If you are looking for a reliable partner for components to be used in the e-bike sector, our technical department is at your disposal to find the best solution.

ingranaggi per bici elettriche in tecnopolimero