Opportunities and advantages of plastic gears: 9 good reasons to choose them.

24 January 2020

Thermoplastic materials such as technopolymers and hyperpolymers represent an important technological evolution within the mechanical sector. In fact, these are plastic parts that find application in the most different fields, which are capable of withstanding continuous use at high temperatures, but also offer good dimensional stability and excellent resistance to chemical aggression. For over thirty-five years Stagnoli have used various types of technopolymers and hyperpolymers to make precision gears.

But what are the advantages of plastic gears? And why prefer them to the more traditional metallic models? In this news we have decided to list all the opportunities that these technical details are able to offer. Find out why technopolymers are a winning technology and what advantages they can guarantee.


advantages of plastic gears

The advantages of plastic gears.

We manufacture gears and technical parts in high quality thermoplastic materials, such as: PEEK, PPA, PA66, PA12, PA4.6, PPS, PEI, PAEK, POM and POLYKETONE. They offer a number of advantages, in particular:

  1. They are versatile and allow you to choose the most suitable type of material according to the application. We offer our customers a dedicated consulting service to help them find the most suitable materials for their specific needs for use and application.
  2. They present a high level of inertia to aqueous and aggressive substances.
  3. They guarantee a reduced friction coefficient.
  4. They have a reduced weight compared to traditional metal gears.
  5. They have a reduced need for lubrication.
  6. They guarantee reduced transmission noise.
  7. Thanks to the elimination of some obsolete processes, they also allow to reduce the costs of thermoplastic gears.
  8. They allow to eliminate the cost of assembling the pieces.
  9. They simplify and reduce the number of components inside the machinery, through metal replacement.

Do you want to find out how to take advantage of the opportunities and advantages of plastic gears, applying them successfully in your field of activity? Contact us to find out more.