2 May 2019

The technopolymer cascade reducer meets the modern requirements of silence and lightness

The speed reducer is a mechanical system usually consisting of a series of gears, whose function is to transmit the rotary motion from an input shaft (called fast shaft) to an output shaft (called slow shaft) by reducing the number of revolutions and therefore the rotation speed.

The reducers serve as means of coupling between motors and operating machines, in all those cases in which, having the two machines running at different speeds, it is not possible to use a direct coupling. Speed reducers are used in the design of: conveyor belts, medical machines, food processors, printing devices, vehicles, construction machines.

The cascade reducers with technopolymer gears are among the most requested as they meet the increasing need for silent and light systems.

Our company fits perfectly in this context, as leader in the design and production not only of technopolymer gears, but of everything linked to the world of plastic.


Stagnoli manufactures the technopolymer cascade reducer for the gas distribution sector

Thanks to the constant interest for improvements and innovations, our company shows a preview of the project that led to the creation of a technopolymer cascade reducer and of its casing, for the domestic and industrial gas distribution sector.

As you can see from the images, the entire system, including the engine gear, is made of technopolymer designed and optimized thanks to the know-how and expertise of our specialists. We chose the most appropriate materials and the geometry of the teeth was optimized taking into account the necessary power requirements.

The project responds successfully to tests

The proposed challenge was to minimize the overall dimensions, obtain the maximum compactness of the entire reducer and have a level of protection against solid or liquid external agents equal to IP65. The layout of the casing has successfully passed the tests, while the entire application is in the verification phase with results already exceeding expectations.

In this project the resistance analyzes were carried out following the guidelines of VDI2736. KissSoft software was then used to optimize the teeth of the gears with corrections and measures designed to increase their resistance to wear and tear, while a contact analysis was performed to estimate power losses and accumulation of heat on the tooth side.

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