Plastic gears for every use: discover Stagnoli’s extensive catalogue

25 May 2020

Stagnoli’s product range is vast and well-organised: in our catalogue (downloadable here) you can find a clear and complete overview of technopolymer components, precision gears and transmission parts. In just under 50 pages we have managed to condense our way of working and the results of our commitment to always provide the customer with the very best solution for silent, light, self-lubricating and high-performance plastic gears.


Plastic gears catalogue

What you will find in the Stagnoli gear catalogue

We have organised our catalogue not as a simple list of products, but as a tool that showcases and reveals everything behind the finished product. It looks at production, materials, sectors of use and technologies. There is also no shortage of detailed and comprehensive technical info and data sheets. A 47-page gear catalogue that expresses Stagnoli's commitment to making high-precision technopolymer transmission parts and gearboxes.

In the catalogue's main section focusing on the products themselves, you can find our items organised under the following categories:

  • S-TORQUE Nylon reinforced Spur gears
  • S-SPEED Pom Spur gears
  • S-SHOCK Polyketone Spur gears
  • S-TORQUE Nylon reinforced Bevel gears
  • S-SPEED Pom Bevel gears
  • S-SHOCK Polyketone Bevel gears
  • Chain tightener sprockets
  • Sprockets
  • Pulleys
  • Gear couplings
  • Coupling sleeves
  • Planetary gears
  • Racks

At the end of the catalogue you can consult the gear guide, a section that explains in detail how a gear works with all its components.

Types of gears in the Stagnoli catalogue

The range of precision gears in plastic materials presented in the catalogue includes PA6 glass fibre reinforced spur gears, POM and PK spur gears, PA6 glass fibre reinforced bevel gears, POM and PK bevel gears. The choice of material is linked to the specific application:

  • Glass fibre reinforced Nylon gears are used in applications that require low rotational speeds and high transmissible torques.
  • POM gears are used in applications that require high rotational speeds and low transmissible torques.
  • Polyketone gears, compared to the POM series, can be used at higher operating temperatures, guaranteeing greater chemical and impact resistance. Thanks to an excellent surface finish, they also reduce the squeaking that occurs when the acetal resin rotates in contact with another technopolymer.

All components are suitable for use in pairs with another Stagnoli gear or with a steel gear. The components and gears in the catalogue are standard products, and therefore always available. However, we also manufacture bespoke and custom-made pieces, according to the specific needs of our customers.

For the food sector, Stagnoli offers blue, polyamide based (PA6), glass fibre reinforced (suitable for contact with food) technopolymer gears. Why blue? It is a strategic decision in order to be visually detectable: any residues along the entire production chain are easily identifiable and recognisable to the human eye so as to prevent accidental contamination.

To find out more about the use of technopolymer precision gears and transmission parts in other sectors, visit the FIELDS section on our website. 

Overview of the materials used to create the gears in the catalogue

Stagnoli has been manufacturing technopolymer transmission parts and gearboxes since 1981. The company has therefore gained considerable experience in the transformation of technopolymers /hyperpolymers, both in non-reinforced variants, and those with carbon or glass fibre reinforcement, with self-lubricating additives (PTFE, silicons etc) and with stabilising or flame retardant reinforcement. In the catalogue you will find the technical properties and characteristics of the materials PEEK, PPS, PPA, PEI, PA66, PAEK, PA12, POM, PA4.6, POLYKETONE relating to:

  • Tensile strength
  • Operating temperature
  • Friction coefficient

To find out the specific values of each material, download Stagnoli's full gear catalogue by clicking here.

Would you like to view the wide range of possibilities and solutions proposed in the Stagnoli gear catalogue? Click here to download it and contact us for more information.