Discover CNC machining on our technopolymer transmission parts: turning and milling.

11 November 2019

Today, we take you on an exploration of the production department that is less well-known than our moulding division but certainly of no less importance. It is the department that deals with CNC machining on our technopolymer transmission parts. We decided to let you know about its function and its advantages for your business: Find out more.


CNC Machining

What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is performed with numerical-control machines and consists in the automated removal of material from a block of metal or plastic. It permits a workpiece to be modified and a finished piece to be created.

Over the years, the need has arisen to provide clients with a selection in our catalogue of gears that are ready to be assembled, finished with bore and keyway. Hence, in 2006, we decided to include in the production chain a department entirely dedicated to machining by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) of our technopolymer gears and in particular, to post-moulding turning and milling operations.

CNC Machining: what are turning and milling?

Turning is a CNC machining process that uses a lathe to create pieces with cylindrical features. Milling, rather, uses rotary cutting tools that move along multiple axes to facilitate the removal of material from a block.

We use twin-spindle, radial and motorised lathes with 12-position turrets and a three-axis milling machine for CNC machining of large or small quantities of any type yet always of excellent quality. In particular, we create holes, threaded holes, grooves and keyways, for bearings and circlips. All of these processes are offered for all products in the catalogue: spur gears, conical gears, pinions, pulleys, gear racks and much more. In this way, the product will be supplied ready to be mounted on its final application.

Contact us for more information about our CNC machining on our technopolymer transmission parts and/or to personalise your post-moulding gear.

CNC Machining