ingranaggi in tecnopolimero per automazione industriale

The self-lubrication and lightness of our gears has allowed us to enter and establish ourselves in theindustrial automation and robotics sector. Our products are perfect for fitting the conveyor belts, pick and place machines and automatic assembly lines for the industry.

The weight and vibrations reduction have solved the multiple problems of inertia and noise of the machines operating in the industrial automation sector.

The technopolymers, allow the reduction of maintenance costs as the transmission does not require continuous lubrication.

Our transmission parts are oxidation free: this allows, in addition to the more obvious functional level, to produce a better aesthetic effect on machines. The machines, in fact, are not subjected to rust: an imperfection that could diminish the perception of the finished product quality.

The companies that have adopted our products have many advantages, both in economic and productive terms.

The “metal replacement” of machinery with technopolymer parts is an operation that is simplified thanks to the possibility to select the most suitable transmission among a wide range of standard products.

We are also specialized in executing custom gears starting from the customer’s application and working together on the most appropriate solution.

Choosing our company means choosing a partner able to develop together with the customer an upgrade of their machinery, using the most suitable material for the specific application.

ingranaggi in tecnopolimero per automazione residenziale