production of technopolymer components for the industrial sector

The light, self-lubricating properties of our gears have allowed us to establish ourselves in the industrial automation and robotics sector, with ideal products for conveyor belts, pick and place machines and automated industrial assembly lines.

The reduced weight and vibrations of our products solve a wide of range of inertia and noise issues in automated industrial machinery.

Our industrial automation and robotics technopolymer gears do not require constant and continuous lubrication, guaranteeing the customer significant savings in transmission parts maintenance costs.

Our industrial automation and robotics gears are totally rust-proof, guaranteeing their functionality, durability and impeccable appearance. Furthermore, companies that have adopted our industrial automation and robotics gears benefit from numerous economic and productive advantages.

Replacing metal with technopolymer parts is simplified through the ability to choose the most suitable transmission from a wide range of standard products.

With extensive know-how and cutting-edge, specialist software, we work with the customer to design and manufacture the best custom gears to meet specific needs.

Our company is a reliable partner for customers wanting to upgrade their machinery with the very best materials for the specific application.

Gears and plastic components for residential automation