Technopolymer epicycolidal reducers and gears for the e-bike sector: Stagnoli is one step ahead of the rest

30 November 2022


technopolymer gears and reducers

Sales of pedal-assisted bicycles have soared by 20%, with 40,000 more e-bikes sold, according to Confindustria Ancma. As the country emerges from the Covid pandemic, 30% of Italians have expressed an interest in buying an electric bicycle. Increasing concern about sustainability and the desire to reduce the environmental impact of one's means of transport are the factors driving such figures. E-bikes have advanced considerably in recent years: the reliability of the motor and the performance of the battery are two crucial aspects that engineers and designers have fine-tuned to improve comfort and enhance design.

Having fixed these, the challenge facing manufacturers today is how to reduce noise and market the world's quietest motor. The general idea is to replace at least one metal gear with its equivalent in technopolymer.

Stagnoli technopolymer gears and reducers for e-bike motors

Thanks to the knowhow we have acquired in the design of technopolymer gears and reducers, we are in a position to support manufacturers of e-bike motors with our products, which are in line with the new criteria of robustness, quiet operation and weight reduction, all essential characteristics for this type of product.

What makes us different is the experience and knowledge we have gained in over 40 years of designing and optimising gears, both in terms of macrogeometry (unit, angle of spiral, line of reference, displacement, coating) and microgeometry. However, our greatest contribution regards the choice of technopolymer for the design and manufacture of gears, a sector in which we are among the undisputed leaders.

Standard technopolymers, such as POM or acetal resin, encounter several difficulties related to the increasing performance needs of motors. We offer manufacturers a selection of technopolymers that are high-performance in terms of mechanical properties and temperature - such as PA46 - making us one of the most reliable suppliers.

Thanks to KISSsoft software, we optimise the gears, adjusting the basic parameters of the teeth to increase safety coefficients, improve coatings and, not least, reduce noise and vibration. Our strength lies in the success of our projects.

epicycloidal reducers
design of gears

In recent months we have faced and overcome several challenges regarding the redesign of an epicycloidal reducer and a helical gear, including the transmission of considerable force, and associated factors of high temperature and noise.

These projects required our unparalleled knowhow in designing the geometry of the teeth, the optimisation and structural analysis of the latter in accordance with the standard VDI2736, which is now the international standard for the mechanics industry for plastic gears. Furthermore, we have long been the first company of our kind to carry out regular fatigue testing on our gears. By combining data from design with VDI2736 and those of our in-house testing, we can estimate the useful life of any type of gear and give an accurate response regarding the feasibility of the application. In these particular cases, the result was extremely satisfactory, as the choice of geometry for our technopolymer gears led to a reduction in noise, and the choice of material ensured feasibility in terms of performance and temperature.

Contact us for more information about our experience and professionalism: you'll find a reliable partner for the manufacture of gears and epicycloidal reducers for your e-bike motors!