Polyamide PPA: the new high-performing plastic material

31 August 2020

In recent times, the growing search for increasingly high performance in applications involving metal replacement has led to an exponential development of new plastics.


Polyamide PPA gears

Technopolymers can be used in an increasingly wide range of applications, allowing the creation of innovative and economically competitive pieces as they are characterised by high:

  • thermal resistance
  • electric resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • resistance to wear

The physical and thermal characteristics of Polyamide are comparable to those of metals, low weight and in many cases easy transformability with constant process parameters. Stagnoli, which has always been active in the search for innovative materials, has certified the good performance of Polyamide PPA, designing and manufacturing its plastic gears and its mechanical components in particular applications where the conditions of the context appeared critical.  

The reasons why Stagnoli uses PPA polyamide: advantages and strengths.

PPA, semi-aromatic polyamide , with a semi-crystalline structure is characterised by:

  1. good rigidity even at high temperatures (the melting temperature of the basic polymer is 300°C),
  2. good dimensional stability,
  3. good mechanical properties,
  4. low moisture absorption,
  5. good chemical resistance.

Polyamide PPA was developed to improve the characteristics of traditional polyamides such as (PA6 and PA66) and represents the connection between low-performance technical polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, etc.) and high-performance technical polymers.  

Stagnoli periodically performs tests on its plastic gears, verifying all these characteristics and demonstrating how PPA represents a valid alternative to metallic materials and technopolymers used in applications that require high properties.

If you have any questions or projects where you think you can take advantage of the important properties and performance of Polyamide PPAcontact us.