Plastic gears with inserts: the experience of Stagnoli

22 December 2020

Our story begins in the early Eighties with a brilliant idea of the founder: injection moulding of technopolymer transmission elements. The desire for growth, which has always characterised our company, has led us towards the study and production of high-performance, resistant and quality mechanical gears in plastic , currently used in hundreds of thousands of applications.


plastic spur gears with inserts

Experience in the plastic moulding sector and continuous investments in R&D, cutting-edge machinery and tools are the main dynamics that animate our production spaces. Thanks to a precious and constantly evolving know-how, we are the reference point for the design and construction of transmissions and reducers in technopolymer.

Co-moulded gears: our value offer

Among the tens of thousands of transmission elements produced, a large chunk is occupied by co-moulded plastic gears  with inserts.

Co-moulding involves the use of a part (often metal), which is introduced into the mould in the phase prior to injection.

Strengths of co-moulded gears with inserts

The benefits of using inserts in gear moulding are manifold. Let's analyse three of them:

  • Greater power transmission capacity should a keyway be made for keying onto the shaft. In this way, it is possible to use the technopolymer transmission elementsin all those applications where a sudden change of direction in motion is expected, with high speeds.
  • Improved coupling accuracy when tight tolerances are required.
  • Increased durability of the components if the inserts are represented by bushings and sleeves that guarantee greater resistance to abrasion and a consequent reduction of friction due to sliding.

If you would like more information on co-moulding and its benefits, please contact us.