14 May 2018

Due to the ongoing climate changes, more and more Nations are starting to worry about pollution facilitating the spreading of electric bicycles in many European cities, a market in which we collaborate with some of the biggest E-bike engine manufacturers, producing technopolymer transmission and gears.

According to ANCMA data, the National Association of Bicycles, Motorcycles and Accessories, in 2016 there was a 121,3% increase in the sales of electric bicycles in Italy compared to 2015, bringing Pedelec (pedal electric bike), marketed in our Country, to 124.400 pieces sold. This trend is not limited to Italy: E-Bikes are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Cheaper than electric cars, they do not require special infrastructures for their power supply and always guarantee the pleasure of riding a bike. And this is not just theory: the change has already begun, as being proved by the many companies that are investing in the sector.


Pedal-assisted bicycles have developed considerably in recent years: engine reliability and battery performance are two important aspects on which engineers and designers have worked in order to increase comfort and improve design.

Due to the know-how acquired in the design of technopolymer gears and transmissions, we are able to support the manufacturers that produce engines for e-bikes with our products, which meet the needs of resistance, noiselessness and weight reduction, essential features for this kind of product.

Always specialized in the field of technopolymer transmissions, we provide the experience and professionalism necessary for the success of each project, supporting the customer in dimensioning and selecting the most appropriate material for the application.

We guarantee high precision and repeatability on batches, co-printing materials such as Delrin or Polyamides on inserts with complex geometries, complying with the planarity and concentricity tolerances requested by our customers.

Thanks to Kissoft software, we optimize the transmissions by varying the basic parameters of the teeth in order to increase the safety coefficients, the covering and, last but not least, reducing noise and vibrations.

Contact us to learn more about our experience and professionalism: you will find a reliable partner for the construction of gears for your E-bike engines!