New hydraulic presses for plastic micro-gear moulding

29 June 2021

Stagnoli constantly invests in improving its products, performance and quality of its services, including the expansion of its machinery park in its Lonato del Garda plant. This is represented by the recent insertion of hydraulic injection presses mainly dedicated to moulding its plastic gears and, specifically, micro-gears, whose market demand is ever-increasing.


micro gears-plastic-press-hydraulic

Why choose plastic micro-gears?

The benefits reserved for those who decide to implement a metal replacement procedure by using micro-gears in technopolymer are:

  • Improved performance of the machine on which they are assembled
  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced weight of machinery load
  • Customisation of the plastic gears moulded with precision also thanks to the very high performance hydraulic injection presses

The advantages for customers choosing plastic micro-gears moulded using the latest generation hydraulic injection presses

For moulding of its high performance, plastic micro-gears, Stagnoli has chosen the best hydraulic injection presses on the market. These are ARBURG ALLROUNDER injection moulding presses, state-of-the-art machinery with technologically advanced production processes. This investment translates into moulding precision and rapidity for all plastic gears and, specifically, the micro-gears.

There are ample application sectors of plastic gears: an increasing number of companies are choosing to use micro-gears in technopolymer on their machinery because they are aware of all the benefits, especially in terms of performance of the machine, that improves by choosing small plastic components. Plastic micro-gears are in fact what most guarantees optimal precision and the best work of the machinery.

Stagnoli is always seeking state-of-the-art machinery for the production of its technopolymer gears to constantly ensure its customers 3 fundamental points on which our corporate philosophy is based: quality, innovation and production. Contact us for further information.