Techno-polymer gears for conveyor belts: Stagnoli Gears’ ideal solution

28 June 2023


Gears for conveyor belts

Conveyor belts and roller conveyors represent an essential part of the production chain. In departments where raw materials must be continuously supplied to maintain constant production, having facilities that provide real support, resistance and performance is paramount.

Techno-polymer gears for conveyor belts and roller conveyors of production chains

In production lines, raw materials move through chains or with pinions (often bevel gears) connected to pulling drums. Over recent years, many companies have strived to improve the performance of their conveyor belts and roller conveyors, choosing techno-polymer pinions, gears and transmission elements.

Gears for conveyor belts

Self-lubrication and lightness of plastic gears have proved to be two winning elements to replace metal counterparts. In addition, our know-how has allowed us to enter in the industrial automation and robotics industry. Our products are ideal for equipping conveyor belts, roller conveyors, pick and place machines and automatic assembly lines for industry.

Thanks to their intrinsic chemical structure, our techno-polymer gears do not require constant and continuous lubrication. Consequently, our clients can benefit from a significant reduction in the maintenance costs of both transmission components, conveyor belts and roller conveyors themselves. Moreover, our plastic gear conveyor belts are completely rust-free. This not only increases functionality, but also gives machinery better aesthetics, an aspect which has not to be underestimated. Techno-polymer transmission elements, and therefore machinery, do not rust, which avoids a decrease in the perceived quality of final products.

Replacing metal transmission components with techno-polymer counterparts has been simplified thanks to the opportunity of choosing the most appropriate transmission from a wide range of standard products available in our catalogue and then customise them with holes, keyways, bead seats and more.

With an in-house post-moulding machining department, skills acquired over a career spanning more than 40 years and specific software, we are also specialized in designing and manufacturing customized gears, beginning from the client's application and developing the most suitable solution together. Choosing our company means trusting in a partner able to develop an upgrade for your machinery using the most suitable material for the specific use and respecting all the indications given by the client.

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