12 May 2018

The use of technopolymers in gear manufacturing has been the core business of Stagnoli for over 30 years, a leading company in the sector and one of the first to include this technology into its products.

Thanks to the in-depth research, Stagnoli was able, through practical tests carried out by the research-development department, to calculate, by means of advanced software (kissSoft/Fem), the indicative data of the torques transmitted by the technopolymer transmission parts.


The information obtained allows the technical department to have a much more precise indication on the torque transmitted by a glass-fiber reinforced Nylon gear, in order to eliminate the only margin of error that remains in the use of these materials, whose application is relatively recent.

It is therefore important to highlight that the data shown in the tables of the cylindrical gears catalog are useful to provide a maximum indication but not generalizable, for each type of application.

It will therefore be necessary to assess the operational situations on a case by case basis, given the extremely large number of variables involved.

Let's take a practical example: for applications with speeds lower than 100Rpm, with static loads or with low use factors, the allowable torque could also increase by 50% compared to the values shown in the table.

For this reason, for an accurate analysis of application and sizing, we recommend contacting us to take advantage of the ten-year experience of our technicians, who will be able to adapt the required gear to your needs as best as possible.

For more information on our torques transmitted by cylindrical gears analysis contact our technical department at: